Here's How It All Works.

First, register for a classified account. It's quick, easy and FREE. Just fill in your name, email, password and zip code. Then check your email for the confirmation message and click on the validation link. That's it! You are on your way to selling your first items.

Next, sign in to visit your seller page. Sign in to your account by clicking the Sign In () button in the upper-right corner of any My Tip Wall page to be taken to your seller account.

Now post your classified ad. To post an ad choose New Add in the For Sale section of your seller page. A form appears below where you can upload photos, enter title lines and a description, and choose the categories for the ad. New ads show up as "pending" until approved.

Ads post on the classified and business walls. Your ad is shown to visitors within approximately 50 miles from your zip code, based on the category and city they select. Interested parties may then send you a private message to discuss the sale. (For more details on how the Walls operate see Visitor Information.)

Respond to messages to complete the sale. When someone sends you a message you will be alerted by email (if you have alerts turned on). To read and respond to messages visit the Buyers or Sellers sections of your seller page, then find the message in the list and choose Reply or View. All messages are handled by MTW, so you decide when to share personal information to complete the sale.

Are you ready start selling?


My Tip Wall Classified Ad Features

Safe Selling

Keep your buying and selling experience enjoyable. With private messaging, localized buying, reporting offensiveness and content screening, buyers and sellers can focus more time on shopping and less on privacy and protection.

Private Messaging

Buyers and sellers communicate anonymously. No need to give out your email address before you are ready to buy. Communicate all you want with our internal and private messaging system.

Multiple Classifications

Don't get stuck in one place. Diversify your ads. From Appliances to Books, Furniture to Tickets, assign your ad up to 3 categories. So buyers will see your ad not only in basic searches, but when searching in categories of their interest.

Photo Ads

Don't say it, show it. Sure a text description is good but a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why each of your ads is displayed as a beautiful 350x200 image on our wall. Upload additional images and buyers will see them too from your seller's page.

Local Advertising

Show your goods to everyone in your area. Or elsewhere. Your ads are displayed on the wall when anyone is searching within a 50-mile radius, based on your zipcode and their location. But buyers can also search by city or zipcode outside of their area to find you as well.


Buy and sell anywhere, anytime. Visitors see your ads beautifully displayed on their smart phone. Buyers visiting your area can initiate a transaction right from their tablet. And as a seller, you can manage your entire account wherever and whenever you want from your mobile device.

Bonus Business Access

Your ads are not limited to the Classified Wall. Over on the Business Wall an occasional classified ad will show up among the business cards. These ads are chosen and displayed on a random basis. Otherwise they work just like your ads on the Classified Wall.

FREE Postings

Free to open an account. Free to post an ad. Free to sell. My Tip Wall does not charge a penny to either the seller or buyer. This is a FREE service. Register for free and start poking around!

Seller's Page

All your ads, all in one place. Whenever an interested buyer clicks on your ad they are taken to your seller's page. This is where they are presented with the details of, not just the ad, but all your other ads as well, plus a little about you.

Get on the wall today!


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