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Worldwide some 27 million business cards are printed daily. Company sales increase about 2.5% for every 2,000 cards passed out.1 How can you get your business card into more hands? Consider putting your card on the Internet.

Upload your business card to My Tip Wall and start generating more exposure, more website visits, more emails, more customers. Like the traditional cork boards posted with business cards, "The Wall" is a digital cork board. Yet it's much more.

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My Tip Wall Business Features

Unlimited Ad Changes Free

Need to change your business card ad? No problem. Change your card anytime, as many times as you like, at no cost. Store up to 10 cards at a time.

Promotional Coupons

Put a promotion on the back of your business card ad. Create your offer in 3 easy steps. Change it anytime to match your marketing campaigns. Coupons are easily printed by customers with just a click.

Real-Time Measurements

Every time a vistor to the Wall clicks on your business card ad you'll know about. Just log into your account and go to the Dashboard area to see how much interest your card is attracting.

Professional Assistance

Need a card designed? Does you website need updating? Keep your business relevant and growing with professional assistance from My Tip Wall Teams. Get help from the Graphic Design Team or the Website Design Team today. Membership not required.

Business Email

Get a conversation started quickly and easily. When anyone views your business card ad on the Wall they can quickly send you an email just by clicking on your card and filling out a form.


Haven't completed the transition to mobile advertising? We've got you covered. Customers will see your business card beautifully on Desktop, Tablet and Phone devices alike. All the functionality is available to each device. In addition, as a business owner you can manage your Tip Wall account from your own mobile device.

Bonus Classified Ads

Did we mention that there is another wall besides the Business Wall? Your business card will also show up during searches on the Classified Ads wall, when their search matches your business category. And as a bonus, you are automatically enrolled in the free classifieds program when you sign up for a business account.

Affiliate Program

Get rewarded for sharing My Tip Wall with your colleagues, customers and friends. Anytime someone visits My Tip Wall using your affiliate code they become your referral and you receive a 20% commission on their business purchases, plus they get a discount. We supply you with your affiliate code embedded in QR codes, email links, and website links so you can spread the love.

Search Relevance

Since My Tip Wall knows where visitors are located geographically, your card appears to local visitors. And visitors can narrow the search to find your specific business by category. Each business can be in up to 3 categories.

1. Source: CNN, BusinesscardABC, Freelance Folder, 7/18/2012.

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