What Is My Tip Wall?

Well, remember those cork boards with all the stuff pinned on them? You see them in offices, restaurants, schools. You find interesting things on them. Like notices of events, help for something lost, services offered, business cards, something for sale. People just stand there, perusing them. Sifting through all those pieces of posted information.

What if you could collect these together, and browse them from anywhere? What if you had a digital version on your smartphone or tablet? You could find businesses in your area, or other areas. Look at things people are selling, and contact them.

Yes, My Tip Wall is an online digital cork board for Local Business Cards and Classified Ads.

See what features makes our digital cork board so special. Read on.

My Tip Wall Features

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar at the top has a logo menu, category & location controls, and a sign in button. Press the logo in the upper left corner to display a drop down menu to navigate the entire site. The Category selector allows you to change the business and classifieds category.

The location controls include a State drop down, City / Zip Code box, Search button and, optionally, a Locator button (). These allow you to change where your searches originate from. Note: you may need to press the expand () icon to display these location controls.

Flipping Cards

Mouse over or touch any card for details. Classified ads, as well as business cards with coupons, will "flip over" to their backside. Business cards without coupons will "tilt". The backside of classified ads show further details and take you to the seller's page when pressed.

Business cards have additional buttons to: visit a profile (), directly email a business () and, optionally, print a coupon (). Pressing a selected business card will take you to the company website in a new window or open their MTW profile.

Category & Location Search

Select which category of business or classified to show. By default all types of businesses and classifieds show on the wall. You can narrow these down to specific categories by pressing the Category selector.

Set your geographic location to search in. Businesses and classifieds within a 50-mile radius of your estimated location are shown. To search in a different area type in a city or zip code into the City box. If your city is not recognized you may need to switch states with the State drop down or use the zip code. If available, press the locator arrow () to switch to your current location.

Free Buyer Account

Register for free to start buying (and selling too!). Classified ads are a free service provided by My Tip Wall. When you register for a classified account you can start contacting sellers to buy their wares. Register for free and see how it works!

By registering you instantly become a seller too! Visit the sellers page to learn more.

Safe Shopping

Private messaging, abuse reporting, localized shopping. With our internal messaging system both buyers and sellers can stay anonymous until they choose to share their contact information to complete a purchase. Terminate further discussion with another party by deleting their messages or deactivating your ad. Report any message that you find inappropriate. Keep to sellers in your area to minimize scams.


Shop and find businesses anywhere, anytime. Use your smartphone or tablet to see which local sellers or businesses are nearby. Easily browse through ads and cards. Quickly check on your messages to complete purchases. Change your location to search other areas. All features on the desktop are available on most mobile devices.

Business Profile & Map

Find out more about a business and where it is on a map. When selecting business cards you can press the Profile button () to be taken to the company profile page. Here you can get more contact information as well as locate the business on a Google map.

Contact a Business

See a business you want to contact? Mail them now! Any business on the wall can be conveniently reached by email. Simply select the business card, then press the Mail button () and fill in the form that pops up. It will be routed right to the business's email address.

Printable Coupons

Some businesses offer coupons to print and bring in. When you select a card on the business wall it may "flip over" to reveal a coupon. Grab that coupon by pressing the Print button (). Note that not all business are currently running a coupon. And some businesses change their coupons frequently. So check back again to see the latest offers.

Start shopping today!


Like more information? Contact us at info@mytipwall.com.